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October 25, 2018 1 min read

Famous guitarist Jason Becker was diagnosed with ALS in 1990 despite the crippling effects of the disease, Jason continues to communicate and amazingly make music only using his eyes. He is a beautiful example a of being Grateful For Life and will release an album on December 7th. 

His new music video for the song "Hold On To Love" was just released.  Becker says: “This is my story, and in a way, everyone’s story. Life – we are all just trying to be happy. People are baffled that I can be happy after almost 30 years with ALS. Even I sometimes wonder how it is possible. This song is the simple answer. Most of this video takes place in my mind. I am talking to myself, looking for answers, thinking about the past and some of the people I love, and it all comes out in music.”

Click here to read more and hear the early release of “Hold on to love”