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May 01, 2018 1 min read

The loss of my niece, my Peanut, yes she was my Peanut, rattled the very core of who I am. What happened, how could this happen, how does my life go on without her - the questions that filled my days, months, and now years.  I didn’t know how my family could reconnect without her. It took some time to adjust to our new world, but it has become clear. Her life was such a special gift - it was all about love and caring. My Peanut allowed me to experience unconditional love. She taught me to treasure every moment and I see now just how precious and fragile that is. 

Finding a way to celebrate and honor this very special life and the essence of her spirit, is why I welcomed this chance to be a member of the Grateful For Life “GFL” team.  I am grateful for every moment I had with my Peanut, and I understand that she showed me how special everything can be if you just remember to be “Grateful”. I wear my GFL clothing to share the love she gave me. Thank you Peanut!